No specifics

You know, I don’t know exactly what this blog will be about. Now, some of you out there may scoff and write me off because I don’t have a set, exact goal or specific topics for this site, but for me, it’s ok. It’s a bit of an extension of my life, of what I’d be talking about if you were walking down the street or around campus with me. Issues that I observe and interact with often: like the liberal arts college world; finding out about lesser known music [alternative hip-hop and other blogged about indie/alt/rock/whatever and artists [yeah, I know so many others probably already talk about music, but hey, I host a radio show at my college’s radio station; so it’s here], culture of the United States and the world; and maybe some local politics as well.

I’m young and sometimes naive.

I sometimes chuckle when I read the popular links at and see self-improvement/efficiency/productivity-boosting links. Sometimes, I think people can try too hard to focus on that self-help/self-improvement sort of stuff. There’s quite of bit of shelfspace devoted to it at bookstores, even more than kamasutra and sex books, which is saying something.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty mellow right now…

Most of the time, I probably will be a bit more uptight or serious on this, writing about things that might envoke more thought and make you more stimulated about the internet and the world around us.

Lastly, it’s cool looking back on to read about how people were reporting on what was going on then and what they were predicting the future to be.

(I like to read old periodicals and see what was talked about then and now forgotten, what wasn’t mentioned and is being talked about now, and seeing the similarities and differences in the worlds of then and now).

I mean, come on, who thinks about Sony minidisc players, if emoticons are able to substitutes for facial expressions during chats on AIM and facebook, and how much media are people consuming nowadays.

But in the end, it may just be trivial.


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