What happened to those people we elected to run Ohio for us ?

So, exactly, what has the Ohio Senate and House did recently besides pass leglislation for standardized bike laws across Ohio ?

I couldn’t answer that recently either, so I wanted to find out. Easier said than done. Eventually, I found out They were preventing the Dept. of Agriculture from going after some Milk producers (well on Friday). For all the effort that the web2.0 slorefest has done for and easier access to news (like RSS feeds), the records of our Ohio general Assembly (the title for the Ohio House and Senate) are still in web design circa 2000.

Instead of having all the information in separate (for each meeting and house) PDF’s, there’s definitely better setups out there, like a CMS (maybe Drupal or something else), that could offer features like issue specific pages of new leglisation and debate,

http://www.govtrack.us/ (it’s not affiliated with the US govt directly, but they just pull all the info from the Library of Congress’ THOMAS database – http://thomas.loc.gov/home/thomas2.html (which is quite spiffy and Props to the Govt for providing that).

Plus, they could get good P.R. (something that they need these days) by hiring local geeks to set it up (especially using college kids my age or grads who have trouble finding employment here).

If the government [on all 3 levels] and more concerned citizens want other citizens to become at more aware of what the govts are doing, we should and could take advantage of the technology available to allow the people become more informed of what’s going on and how it can affect them.

(Of course, will citizens become more informed if it means less effort on their part and the information is there ?) Well, I think some will, but not too many.
After reading over this entry, I feel more cynical and just remembered the Plain Dealer used to publish a weekly review of what they’ve did, not sure if they still do (and when).

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