Absentee Voting for College students [Cuyahoga County Edition]

It’s been about two weeks since I sent out my application for my absentee ballot.

The link for getting an absentee ballot (for cuyahoga county) is : http://boe.cuyahogacounty.us/

(there you can print out an application for one or if you don’t have a functioning printer, you’ll have to go to your local library and they’ll probably have the application there.) I don’t know why the call it an application because the BOE doesn’t reject any eligible voter.
Two weeks later.
No ballot yet. I’ll call the BOE in a few days to find out why I have not received yet.

And the Cleveland area League of Women Voters have not published their election guide yet. Project Vote-Smart is another resource to see the legislative record of what the candidates and current elected officials do when they’re in office.

I’m thinking about skipping class on Election Day to help work the polls in Kalamazoo.

Edit: I called the BOE today around noon, a real person immediately answered the phone, transferred me, and then another worker answered explaining that the BOE is not sending out absentee ballots until the first week of October. So if you already applied for one, that’s why it hasn’t come.
Check out my other post for League of Women Voters (voters’ guide) and an update of my absentee ballot.
Although I have my doubts about the Cuyahoga County board of elections in general, at least their workers in this case were competant.

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