Why, Oh Why !? A plea against the proposed Stadium in Summit County

Why, oh why do NEO needs to have another sports stadium in order to create economic vibrancy in Northeast Ohio !

A response to Paul G. and supporters of the stadium.


A professional sports stadium and nearby retail development created by the stadium WILL NOT help the healthy, long-term economic vitality in Northeast Ohio. What sort of jobs will it create that will draw a young college grad (like me in 3 years) and your children to work in NEO ? Besides a few pro soccer players and administration positions within the soccer club, the new jobs created by the stadium and its outlying development (hotels, restaurants, retail) are not temporary construction work.

The new restaurants and retail (which usually consist of businesses not based locally) will have profits that will not primarily stay in NEO – they’ll to the businesses (and where the Corporate Management’s offices are run).

The skills and assets that workers develop in these retail and hospitality jobs are not unique to NEO. Few companies will want to develop their business here if they do not have a qualifible labor market or have potential local investors (Mr. Wolstein, why not take this hat ? [Or you could lend them some of your space) to fund their company.

I’m witnessing another move in NEO to create economic vibrancy (Crocker Park, Legacy Village, the Sports stadiums, etc) that primary functions to fulfill peoples’ discretionary needs for entertainment. This to create an economy focused more on services and businesses that help people and institutions to fundamentally function (health care, energy, education, etc) and collaborate around the world.

Edit – two things I thought needed to be added and clarified after I reflected on this more…. a] Retail for consumer goods and restaurants are necessary parts of an economy, however they should not take as much of a priority as they have in NEO. b] I didn’t cite anything here or bring substantially develop my thoughts in this writing. In most instances, I cite and prefer to use concrete evidence to thoroughly develop my statements. I feel sorry for not doing so because neglecting to do so only furthers the rhetoric, boils down very complex issues to only a few sentences that doesn’t help bring both parties to better understand the complexities of an issue. But, recognizing that I’m a hypocrite (1), I felt it was necessary to express my thoughts on it (since it’s pretty easy to do so, with blogging…)

1 – (because, after all, just because you’re a hypocrite doesn’t mean you’re unable to give good advice..)

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