2007 Soundexchange royalties for College Radio Stations

Soundexchange released their new forms for internet radio broadcasters (including college radio stations broadcasting online) for 2007.

The exact terms (of how much it will cost for the stations) for the 2007 year have not been determined yet, but this Soundexchange form for webcasters that are non-commercial and/or a part of an education institution (a college/university) allows them to pay up (rather, agree to pay up when the rates are determined) when the time comes. The form is due by Jan. 31st 2007 and covers broadcasting from Jan. 1, 2007 to Dec. 31, 2007.

Section II of the form confuses me a bit , stating that “The service acknowledges that this election to pay royalties in accordance with the Noncommercial Webcaster Rates and Terms is in lieu of any different rates and terms that may be available to such service.

That excerpt states there are other options for non-commercial/ed webcasters (or “services” in the form), but doesn’t mention what other options they are (Perhaps IBS ?). As a college radio station manager, I don’t want to bind the station to that form if there are other options available, especially if the royalties are very expensive.

The process for a college radio station to legally broadcast online is complicated to say the least.



(I’m pretty sure that I don’t know the entire story, so if you have updates on the situation or know where I and anyone else can find out more, please leave a comment on the post).

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