I avoid buying books at the school bookstore. I’ll buy them online or borrow them from the school library if they’re available there. Since that requires a bit of planning ahead and I didn’t get the list of textbooks until the 1st day of class, I wasn’t the most happy paying $139.13 for my French textbooks. At least, they came with Système-D.

It’s a program that is a “writing assistant for French” (according to the box) with an integrated list of vocab, grammar (and since the vocab/grammar are stored in RTF files, you can add other vocab/grammar to the lists), dictionary etc and it was even compatible with Mac OS X. If it was what I expected to do (based on the screenshots), I’d gladly have my money go to the software developers [Thomson].

But, I tried to install it on Mac OS X 10.4.8 – installation goes fine (I did not install the optional audio files on the CD). The program crashes every time I try to launch it. Shows up in the Dock for a few seconds and then vanishes.

On the comapany’s website, Its support was an email form and a live tech support. After talking to the live tech support for about 30 minutes, they thought my CD was corrupt and sent me a new one. Uninstalled the  program , rebooted, installed the new cd, still didn’t work.

My searching attempts to find solutions were futile. “Système-D” is a pretty common French term (Same sort of scenario where one would have a problem with ‘windows’) and I was unable to find any results of people having problems with the software even after further searching.

Once I get Système-D up and running, I’ll post how I got it working and also vocab lists on here.

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