How does your college radio station log its music ?

I’ve been looking for a way(s) to easily log all of our music that is played at the station. College Radio Stations have been required by Soundexchange or something else to display the song, artist, and album of whatever is currently playing, but that hasn’t been enforced to the best of my knowledge nor does every station completely comply with it. Since it may be enforced at any time, I’d like to find a way to ensure all of the music is automatically logged, besides manually typing it in.

Besides the legal requirements, logging is beneficial: lets DJ’s know what has (and has not) been played recently; let’s them create, share, store their playlists.

For my radio show, I started out with Paper logs (originally given to us by BMI) and manually wrote out what I played. Then, I moved to making an iTunes Playlist and typed out anything not in the iTunes library into a textfile]. Now, I use the template provided by Soundexchange that is used to log your station’s music.

One set-up that I’ve heard about is ZooKeeper – developed by the people at KZSU (Stanford Univ). This is looks ideal, I hope to contact them about it. The system looks so good and I wonder if it could be scaled down so it can be used by a small station like ours that just has a few student DJ’s without any full-time (and paid) engineers.

Another one is Spinitron, a for-pay solution where the station gives them the information [the songs, artists, and albums] and they’ll set it up in the database. There’s no listed prices on the website.

Any other stations or DJ’s out there, feel free to comment and share how you and your station logs the music.

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  • bhance  On March 18, 2007 at 7:59 am

    Hwllo – Just thought I’d pop you a note –

    I began writing the base code for in direct response to some of the stuff that came out of the small webcaster settlement act, and I added in SoundExchange reports of use exports a while ago in anticipation of the final recordkeeping decisions coming down.

    RadioActivity is a web-based managed service. I know some stations would prefer to run something like this themselves/DIY fashion but running it in a central place helps keeps the costs down and removes any I.T. type requirements for the station.

    I think you’re going to find that “manually typing it in” is about the only solution you can use to provide the amount of variables SE wants in the reports of use. I’ve seen and worked with some people who have ad-hoc’d their own “automation” systems but it’s a horrible mess, and almost all of them fall short of the required set of info SE wants.

    Actually, if you have some time, I’ve written some articles on this subject and why the SE reports generation and formatting process is so horrible for small/indie stations. They are at

    There’s certainly a lot on the to-do list (integrate with automation systems, fix up some GUI ugliness, etc) but there are several stations using it at the moment, which you can see at

  • ed  On February 11, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    So I realize this post is almost one year old, but I’m wondering if you had any luck getting ahold of ZooKeeper? Our station is looking for a playlist solution, but we’re not really able to afford for-pay options (like spinitron or radioactivity). Yes, our budget really is that small…



  • skorasaurus  On February 14, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Ed, thanks for your comment and I empathize with small budgets. I’m pretty sure that WJMD has not contacted KZSU/zookeeper yet. Shortly after I wrote this post, Spring Quarter came around and since then, a lot of other things came onto WJMD’s plate (nor has Soundexchange asked for their logs either, As far as I know – I’m studying abroad right now), finding a new logging method has been placed on the backburner).

    I see that Zookeeper is still active on their website, and it wouldn’t hurt at all to contact KZSU/zookeeper. If you have time, let me know how it works out.


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