Plain Dealer shafts Cleveland Central Catholic ?

(Normally, I don’t mention sports on here, but I’m chiming on here for my dad, a CCC alum).

The PD has given more attention to the NCAA tournament at the expense of Cleveland Central Catholic’s women’s basketball team. CCC won the state title on Saturday and gave the school its first state championship (1).

Today’s front page of the Sports page in the PD featured the NCAA men’s tourney scores (Tennessee’s win). Coverage (a 5×8 photo and a small article) of CCC went to C14, the last page of the sports section.

Sunday’s sports front page featured OSU’s win and a Cavs article on top. The CCC championship got on the lower front page with a small blurb and an article on C17.

(read on, for more).

My Dad gave the PD a call and spoke his mind. They listened and said the NCAA deserved more attention. ‘Excuses’, he muttered.

I agree with my dad’s belief on a couple points. With regards to all news, The PD should give more priority to local issues and news (Northeast Ohio, especially Cuyahoga County). The feature (2) on Monday’s sport page is from the AP, about 2 out of state teams (the winner will face OSU).

Secondly, CCC winning a state title is news: a Cleveland high school winning a state championship isn’t something that happen too often. The NCAA Men’s Tourney is a yearly occurrence. The only unique (and local) tie to the tourney this year is Ohio State’s success. The NCAA Tourney is newsworthy for a lot of readers but should its coverage be

(1) – Not positive about it. My dad told me this and it could be wrong. (2) – A newspaper’s featured article is defined as the right hand side on the front page (Disagree with my college’s political science profs if you want.)

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  • Kris  On March 19, 2007 at 11:36 pm

    Wow! CCC made states and won. That is magnificent. And, yes, completely worthy of premier high school coverage from the PD. Now, front page of the PD sport’s section may be a bit much to ask. I cannot agree that the PD’s attention to the NCAA was at the expense of CCC. What other high schools have been featured on PD Sport’s front page? The high school receives coverage from various media sources such as the PD High School Sports show on Sunday on Fox [I think its on Fox] and other local papers. shows the teams success on the front page in a picture gallery featurette.

    PD should concentrate more on local news, as that is their customer base. Maybe if enough local people make noise about it, they could get special investigator Tom Merriman of Channel 8’s I-Team to begin an investigation into the PD’s layout of content.

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