study abroad in Dakar (Post one).

I’ll be studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal for part of my junior year from September 2007 – Feb. 2008. The experience is already beginning, in a sense. Neither does it end when you get back to the States, as recently returned classmates and professors have said.

Right now, I’m just doing the paperwork; getting the necessary medical shots, passport photos (I already have a passport, but my college wanted 10 additional passport photos, costing $25 at Meijer). The shots (diptheria/tetanus, MMR, polio booster, hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Meningitis, and Malaria tablets. Altogether, they may cost a couple hundred dollars (eek!).

Advice from Colin, a senior who went last year:
‘there’s not too much to get prepared, besides brushing up on your French speaking skills. Speaking French well there will help you get adjust better.’ He spent only $1500 there with $600 going towards his trip in Morocco over the holiday break. I’m relieved that study abroad may not cost as much as originally anticipated ($2-3k, depending where you go, the college told). Go with the daily malaria tablets. The weekly ones can cause hallucinations and other problems.

Also, check out my delicious bookmarks regarding Senegal for more links and information.

I may eventually write a static page on here with things to consider, questions to ask, and other things about studying abroad (and specifically in Senegal) in case any other college students found this page and would like some advice.

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  • Librocrat  On April 21, 2007 at 8:05 pm

    The most important 2 things to buy while you’re there: Trinkets and a large suitcase. Those things sell like nobody’s business.

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