Using and Installing Gimp on Mac OS X (10.4.9)

I’m exploring the Gimp on Mac OS X (I had 2.2.11 installed via the GIMP-app ) and encountered a nasty screen error (I’ll post details about it later).

So, I wanted to update it to the latest version. A long process that turned out to be a bit more complicated than it should be. I searched on a few forums and nothing about using the gimp on Mac OS X (that was recent).

The Gimp’s Macintosh page is a bit outdated and didn’t help.

So, what do I do (besides compiling it from source – a last resort for me) ?

Update: Check out a newer post detailing how to install the most updated version of GIMP, through macports.

There’s a few options of installing GIMP on Mac OS X, here’s a breakdown:

  • Using a Package Manager which allow unix programs to be run on Mac OS X:

Fink is one package Manager. Its ‘port’ of the gimp to Mac OS X hasn’t been updated since 2.0.6 of the GIMP – so no use there.

Macports is the other package manager (that I know of out there). However, it was renamed from ‘Darwinports’ (correct me if I’m wrong) and that news wasn’t on the Gimp’s Macintosh page .
A kind person on the GIMP irc channel pointed out the change to me. An overview of how to use Macports is on their site, but it’s a bit hard to find. I installed macports and then its port of the gimp. Installed it fine. It created the Gimp Application in my home folder, and….
in Finder, it

could not open because it was damaged or incomplete.”

I issued the port installed command and it was listed as installed. Alas.

Note to self: Don’t give up….

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