CMJ/Rock Hall Fest is discontinued

In case you didn’t already know, The CMJ/Rock Hall Fest is discontinued as of Summer 2007.

I didn’t know about this until I looked for information about this year’s event and found the news of the cancellation. Interestingly, the CMJ/Rock Hall Fest website hasn’t been updated to announce the cancellation.

I’m a bit disappointed for this to end because it was a growing event. I went last year and found it to be okay, there weren’t too many acts that I was interested in at the time (I looked at the 2006 list and saw Rhymefest was there – too bad I didn’t find out about him until later that year).

The article noted that the event was losing too much money to keep going on. When I see that it ended and there’s concert festivals going on in other cities in (Chicago, Austin ) I’m wondering what is stopping us that is not stopping the other cities ?

Additionally, the article said they’re trying to ‘beef up’ the summer concert series, and according to the rock hall calendar [warning: requires flash], there’s only the former frontman of Helmet and two ‘festivals’ but no mention of artists coming there….

(back to a lot of schoolwork).

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