How to upgrade Gimp (Macports) 2.2.14 to 2.2.16 on Mac OS X

Gimp v. 2.2.16 for macports was released and it’s a small change: Gimp had been named as ‘gimp2’ in macports, but its now known simply as ‘gimp.’ *

If you do not have macports installed; read this post on installing Macports and the gimp instead.

For those with 2.2.14 or earlier installed via macports, you can’t simply do the sudo port upgrade. Instead:

1. Install the new version of macports (1.5) by issuing:

sudo port -v selfupdate


Normally, to update the gimp (or any other package) you would then issue:


sudo port upgrade outdated

But, this doesn’t work for the gimp package, because the new ‘gimp’ package is trying to overwrite the ‘gimp2’ package in /opt/local/bin/gimp, so this method of upgrading won’t work.

2. Instead, you have to uninstall gimp2 and then install gimp so, issue the following command:

sudo port uninstall gimp2

3. Then:

sudo port install gimp

Now, finally good to go.

* If you really want to know why it was named gimp2 instead of ‘gimp’ before, I’m not sure about this and could be totally wrong, but I think it was because when gimp ver 2 came out [in 2004], there were a lot of newer features and things, so gimp v1 and v2 were separately maintained, in case if people wanted to remain on v1, they could; so gimp2 was named so.

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