dakar _ 5

well, im here and since a lot of people checking this (either from facebook or my family) , i posted a brief intro page.

A few anecdotes (out of many);

my host father watches john wayne movies each night (dubbed in french) (yes, Grandpa)

after 2 days, the cold showers and days where your shirt sticks to you no longer bother me (the heat will lessen in november)

i’m not getting the bad end of exchange rates. most consumer items are the equivalent prices of the us, except some food is cheaper (like a homemade strawberry shortcake for ~ 1.20 us dollars).

i’ve been asked if im from the u.s., canada, Louisiana, France, and the uk (based on my french and skin color).

there are no traffic lights. no stop signs, just an occasional yield sign. for the amount of traffic there is (quite a bit, but it goes a consistent20mph, except for the main road, which is sorta similar to w.25th w. side market traffic during rush hour.

my experiences (in dakar) are sometimes different to life in cleveland, they are sometimes very similar. it has ups and downs . On the whole, i enjoy it. there’s also a lot more complex, longer topics that i may write about later.

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  • sharon skora  On September 15, 2007 at 5:30 pm

    glad to see things are okay. hope to hear more from you. i think my e-mail is working love, mom

  • Megann Eberhart  On September 16, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    Bill: We are happy to hear that things are going well. Indians are still ahead by 6 with Detroit coming in for 3 Mon, Tues, Wed, will update you more then. Browns are actually winning right now, 10-7 over the bengals!!! Anytime anybody says something about you, Elise pipes up that you are in AFRICA. Dad went and bought a new water cooler and Mom has been telling everyone about your call. Is there anything you need over there you can’t get we can ship ASAP??? Stay safe and have fun! Mike, Meg, Ty & Elise

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