Dakar 8 (Actually St. Louis……)

So, I’m in St. Louis for the month of October to take a class on the Senegalese River Valley and Culture within development (a Rough translation). Already a week has passed in the class (there’s 9 of us and 10 senegalese students), and early on, the lectures in French have been a trouble to understand (but I’m not the only one struggling with that).

Other classes have yet to begin at Universite Gasto-Berger, so the campus looks like a savannah-desert ghost town and the goat population on campus is about equal to, or greater than the human one (I figure about 75 or so, to include staff and security).

Already time has come to break the fast (no, i’m not fasting; but others are for a day or two, for Ramadan, where you fast from sunrise to sunset), so I’m going back to the house (that the 9 of us are staying at on campus for the month).

EDIT: In other news, I went downtown to find the ‘Sono Mondiale’ which is (rather, was) a music shop recommended by the Lonely Planet book located on Rue Flamand in St. Louis (downtown). I went down there to find it boarded up, although the sign was still up, a couple boys loitering around there said it had been closed and pointed me towards another store, called Teranga (its towards the bridge of the mainland, but still on the same street, if you’re at one store, you can see the other). It was a bit small here, with a small random selection (from Senegal Rap to 1992 AMerican movie soundtracks).

I was looking for a couple good mixtapes, (especially Nomadic Wax’s) and Omar, behind the counter, offered me for 9,000 CFA (18 us dollars) of a MP3 cd with about 10 cds on it (daara j and a bunch of names that i forget). He has also had a couple other lp’s by a couple other artists for the 9.000 CFA or burnt copies for 3.000 CFA a piece. No Nomadic Wax or other mixtapes there. I’ll look for other music places in St. Louis and Dakar, but I’ve asked a couple other local students here, but didn’t know of any.

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