Study abroad in dakar – Post 12

First off, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas wherever they are in the world.

I’ve had some free time (more then usual free time) lately, with winter break, but with the speed of internet being a bit slow and

And for a typical day for me in September/November/mid-december:

7:30am ish – wake up, dress,

7:45- 800,830ish: breakfast; I take my good old time. No newspaper :/ Surprisingly, the closest newsstand is a 10 minute walk each way (which, writing this out, I wondered why I didn’t make the trek to do it).

9:00-11:00am (monday – friday): Wolof class at the baobab center. 20 minute coffee break (its nescafe), chat and read the newspapers (in French) then.

1 pm ish- lunch/an/déjeuner:

3-5 PM (tuesday/thursday) – more wolof class.

3-5 (monday, and until a couple weeks ago, wednesday too, until we told the coordinator that class 2x a week wasn’t that great – the class is on senegalese culture, and it was a bit disorganized, in terms of goals and requirements for the class

5-7 Pm – (monday/wednesday/friday) History of Islam in Senegal.  (at baobab center)

5-7ish (Tuesday/thursday; though I didnt  find the court until late november,) pickup basketball in Karack neighborhood.

8pm ish – Dinner

Saturday morning, I went down to Sandaga for a walk and it was a pleasant experience. It was the first (and probably only) time that the streets were not crowded with people and vehicles. Tabaski (a Muslim holiday, which marks the date when Abraham sacrifices a sheep instead of his son)  was celebrated on Friday and many inhabitants of Dakar (including my family’s maid) go to villages (to see more family) in the rural areas. I also went down there to see if I could any older NBA jerseys or a t-shirt. A few vendors were open, cashing in the opportunity to make last sales before Christmas. None of the shops selling mens clothes had any jerseys (which I just communicated to them by saying ‘NBA’ and ‘basket’ and they understood). Noteworthy ones that i remember seeing on locals include Elton Brand, Drazen Petrovic, Chris Webber when he was with the Bullets, and a kobe bryant wearing a #24 Lakers.

On study abroad, small relics of American culture amuse me, and i’m not sure if i would have cared the same had i seen them in the states.

I’ve been able to talk to Xady/Heidi, our maid more, since my wolof is improving. She speaks a bit of french, just enough for me to communicate to her (where I’m going/doing – in senegalese culture for me, its important to let your family to always know that, even if it’s 2 houses down to the internet cafe; when i’d like to eat – she cooks all of the family meals, etc), but our communication is just easier and clearer in wolof.

Lastly, I just finished the first lord of the rings book. I’ll try to post before I finish the second one.

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