Open for Business

The adjustment process back to America has been uneventful. There’s some responsibilities (finances, school loans, finding summer employment) on hold that I now have to deal with.

Time is flying by since I returned. I already return to school in 2 days, this weekend, wow.

My story: 4 pm, Monday: With Sunlight and melting snow finally appearing, I finally felt free to go for a walk for the first time in quite some time (a week probably, but it felt a lot longer than that). Plus, I needed to visit the barber. I took the chance of it not being open, but since it was close and I wanted to go for a walk (and the probability that it would be open), I didn’t call before leaving. After a 10 minute walk there, I found a sign on the door that the hours listed with CLOSED next to Monday and Sunday.

On my way back on Broadview, I saw the old pet food store storefront had been converted into a bicycle sort of shop. Cool. The lights and the “OPEN” neon sign hanging in window were off, it was closed.

I couldn’t find its hours or the name of the business easily (side window: ‘Fantasy Toys’ but it wasn’t obvious) and I was thinking:

What kind of business doesn’t have open hours posted or name clearly displayed at their store ?! I was surprised. I expected a place in the USA to have this information. It was something that I missed when I was in Senegal. There, places especially boutiques and small storefronts in the markets (Sandaga), usually did not have this information written down and posted for customers to see. A clear sign with the name of the store and its posted hours written down isn’t listed. This information is usually transmitted verbally in Senegal. People there just knew when most stores would be open and closed. The name of the business did not matter as much [especially for small businesses]. In addition to the name of the store, the owner’s name and the store’s location were signifiers of the store’s identity.

Update: I went by Fantasy Toys on Tuesday after I went to the (open) barber (around 3 PM). It was open and sells primarily low-rider bicycles and glitzy accessories; (I never understood my peers wanting to get their cars/bicycles/computers modified with extra accessories that sometimes only improve how they look.) and other stuff. They have some more basic bike accessories though.

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