time flies by

Time flies by.

About a couple weeks after I returned from Senegal, I noticed my time since I arrived back flew by.
As the quarter has progressed to 7th week, starting tomorrow (in the K-College environment, time is referred by the week, of the 10 week grading period), looking back on time, when I first arrived back to Cleveland, at K, they seem so close to me in memory, as if many of those moments occurred in the past two to three weeks. Life moves a lot quicker here (than in Senegal) but in the sense of remembering the recent past rather than the pace one presently lives.
(I do have moments that I realize that my lifestyle is a lot more frenzied than it was Senegal and life is fast-paced here, but I know that I cannot change a lot of that, and I am content, fine with the pace of life, besides maybe, here or there, once in awhile taking a small amount of time to catch up with friends at K or friends/family back in Cleveland).

Realizing this, I thought about the finiteness of time and recognized, college is ending soon (just about a year left, I’m on the 4 year plan).

I’ll be posting about the developments with our radio station soon.

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  • Kris  On May 13, 2008 at 10:23 am

    You are perceiving time as it is relevant to you. Be happy in that, even though your life moves fast and is at times frenzied, you still have the opportunity to step back and observe the value of time passed.

    Its been too too long since we talked. As soon as finals are over I’ll give you a call. I have my own interesting story about time.

    Think about what it’d be like if you forgot what time is or how time works… interesting right ?

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