An Open Letter to all Musicians who want their music on College Radio Stations

I wrote this entry one Spring afternoon (over a year ago, actually, with numerous rewrites) after receiving numerous submissions from bands who didn’t use these services. It is a response to all music artists who wish to send their material to college radio stations

Dear (band, artist, publicity coordinator),

K/W/***, the college radio station of (X College), recently received your music submission. Thank you for your submission. However, your submission may not have been added to our catalog.
As a part of recordkeeping procedures mandated by Government’s Copyright Royalty Board %Station Name% stores its music digitally with information to identify the artist, title, album, and year of release. Receiving numerous CDs a week, radio stations cannot manually enter in all of this information when we add the CD to our digital library. Instead, we use a variety of services to automate this identification process.

If you want your music to be heard by college radio stations, please do a favor and assist in this identification process by identifying your CDs in

  • Gracenote
  • Ensure that any MP3s that you offer on you or your artist’s website have proper ID3 Tags and are tagged on

  • These services are free and all together, take less than 10 minutes for one CD.
    Most importantly, many fans, listeners, and college radio stations use these services to organize their digital audio collection and to find new artists. By ensuring these tasks are done, you’ll be allowing anyone who acquires your physical CD, downloads your work from your website, or purchases a digital copy of it, to be able to easily identify the artist and facilitate transfers with computers and portable digital audio players. Services like rely on properly identified ID3 tags as well.

    I am not connected or have personal ties to any of these services, besides being a loyal user of them. I’m speaking as a music lover and a station manager.


    (the skorasaurus), Music Director
    WJMD Radio (We accept submissions too !)
    Kalamazoo College

    Bands, I would also recommend you to read:KEXP’s guide for getting airplay

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