Are the songs of Today from the past ?

While I was setting up for the Senior Soiree (an end-of-the year formal dinner/dance for the seniors, tonight), someone’s iPod with a mix of 80s, 90s, and 2000 pop/rock was being played. Most of the music being played was released when we younger than 10.

I then realized the music being played at social events (like this event) is often from the 1980s, 1990s, and only some from the 2000s. As I thought about it, most of the movies and television shows that are set in the past, or , play only music from that specific time period (and nothing 5-10 years earlier than the year that the movie/television show takes place).

Have my generation’s music habits changed ? Do people my age (say, 20-25), listen to more older (older, I’m defining as music as released longer than 10 years) music than people in the past have ? I’m looking for some older responders to chime to this (I’ll ask my family this weekend).

If so, why did this happen ? I’m guessing the improved technology of CDs and later, digital, have allowed people to listen and keep their music longer before the physical format itself degrades (based on my experience, and YES, I did use cassettes growing up, cassettes and 8-tracks were less durable than CDs).
Plus, digital music allows more customization and ease to create your soundtracks than cassette mixtapes did, people are becoming more at ‘ease’ with listening to older music.

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