Summer College Radio Station News

Amongst other things in life, one of my priorities is the college radio station, WJMD.

So, although school is out for most college-kids, college radio stations generally are still broadcasting.
However, WJMD is off the air until September. This is because the college does not have a summer session and the rules for webcasting are more relaxed. By FCC Rules, AM/FM stations are not allowed to go off the air for an extended period of time [it’s a day or 2, don’t hold me to it].

So, what is WJMD doing (or at least, things that the staff came to a consensus) over Summer break ?

finding a band or two to play in the fall at the campus fall fest [and other fall activities](all of us)

contacting the alumni office for homecoming, to establish contacts for possible donations and mentoring (me, I’ve did nil with this).

writing letters to labels to send promotional music (Todd and others)

Maintaining the myspace page (Katina)

Moving the radio station to its new location and setting it up (me and kevin – it’s done !) I forgot to take an ‘after’ picture of the new set-up, but here’s pictures (1 and 2) of our cramped, temporary quarters in the Upjohn Library from Fall 2006 – Spring 2008 (a lot of equipment, CDs, posters, were already boxed up
before the photograph).

Getting staff to follow through with those commitments without being persistent to the point that the person drops out of the organization is something that I don’t know and trying to feel out, on a case by case basis with each person and commitment.

Lastly, not to be toot my own horn, but I met up with the WMUK (kalamazoo’s npr affiliate) during the first week of june for an interview on the future of college radio and how it is adapting to new technologies [internet, HD Radio, satellite radio] and evolving listener habits [a topic that I love to talk about and deserves much more mention on this blog].

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  • Bret  On February 27, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    I would like to talk to you about the Future of College Radio.

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