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This isn’t a normal topic for me, but it’s relevant.

From 2003 – 2005, I experimented a lot with linux. After leaving it for the pastures of mac os x for 3 years, I’m back. The iBook no longer worked (logic board went), and Mac os x, although very stable, was a bit pricey for me, about $400 more than this acer costs.

What has changed in 3 years with desktop linux ?

I’m using ubuntu (as I did then, near the end of my last time with linux. The UI (user interface) is nicer. Installation was a lot easier than I remember. Commands are still the same, but there’s still a lot of every day things that I forgot about: How do I easily rip CDs, move files seamlessly, etc. It will all come in due time.

Everything was detected and working properly after the initial install. The wifi drivers (something that linux isn’t necessarily known for being very compatible with) worked after reading online forums for 30 minutes and clicking a box in the gnome gui.

The choice programs for a lot of tasks have changed, and I haven’t found a good table of recommended software (at least mac had versiontracker and iusethis). freshmeat hasn’t updated its design in years (that’s not a compiment). Sourceforge is good, but there isn’t a way to filter out non-unix applications in the search engine.Lastly, I can’t get my cd ripper to work.

To my very pleasant surprise, my HP printer (1610) was automatically detected as soon as I connected it via usb. No driver install necessary.

Overall, it actually has been a lot smoother than I had anticipated, with less work after the install to get it functioning.

Also, my housemate threw the idea to charge people by the size of the music you download, regardless of what artist it is.

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