More linux – growing pains, part 2


I’m back to linux for a couple weeks now. For the most part, it’s been fine. Over the weekend, I got my audio ripping situation resolved, after a series of questions and answers with the developer of rubyripper.It probably took me just as long as it did to configure ExactAudioCopy on windows.

However, my wireless internet suddenly decided to no longer work (no, really. I don’t think that I did anything to no longer function the same way as it had). So, I haven’t had wireless internet since Monday or so. I’ve posted a thread about it at the ubuntu-forums and am anxious to hear more.

EDIT: I ended up getting wireless to work again on saturday or sunday by just removing all of the extra drivers that I installed, reinstalling the wl driver.

Another suggestion to the linux community: why isn’t there a list of ‘most popular linux software downloads ?’ At least mac has versiontracker which can display the most popular programs, sorted by # of download. Since most linux users just download their software through the package managers in their distros, something like would work really well with linux users.

AT the very least, ubuntu should display which packages are downloaded the most from its repositories. I think that will show a good estimate of what’s being used in the community, and guide newbies (and old folks like myself) a relative idea of which software is being used by others (this, of course, presumes, the wisdoms of crowds).

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  • Jeff Schuler  On October 4, 2008 at 8:57 am

    The Ubuntu Popularity Contest seems to be trying it, but lacks a nice front-end.

    You’ve seen the ratings (0-5 stars) in the Add/Remove Applications panel, though, no? I’m not sure if that’s powered by the Popularity Contest. But obviously, something more robust (and related to non-GUI packages) would be nice.

    How do you feel about SourceForge?

  • skorasaurus  On October 4, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    Thanks for replying Jeff.

    I didn’t know about the popularity contest until your post.

    The Ratings in the add/remove applications: It’s an attempt of what I’m looking for. I did it see before and forgot to mention. I easily dismissed earlier, but it has a more comprehensive list than at first look (I had to toggle the ‘show all applications option’ within it).

    On the positive front, it had a very large variety of packages and displayed the popularity (and you could sort them). It is pretty easy to use.

    It detects several packages that I already have installed (via the synaptic package manager frontend of apt-get) as uninstalled (most of them, not all though, were firefox extensions). Hopefully that wouldn’t lead to any package conflicts for an uninformed user. To be able to rate the package in the menu would be an added value. As you asked, I’m not sure how the popularity rank is determined. The accompanying help file, although a nice guide for newbies, it does not give the criteria for the popularity.

    As for sourceforge, it has the infrastructure (with highly configurable search filters by the popularity, activity, and ) and offers a lot of options for developers (bug reporting, donations, forums) , but one thing that I find a bit annoying (I realize that I am bit nit-picky by this) is tools, environments related to the applications are still included in the search results (at least, I haven’t been able to filter them out). example –

    Another, although, minute disadvantage for sourceforge is there’s a few (though not many) OSS projects that don’t use sourceforge for hosting their service.

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