argh, linux burning software

linux (ubuntu 8.10, intrepid) hasn’t annoyed me much, but it is right now…

I want to simply burn my music albums onto a data DVD. sounds easy enough.

But, I didn’t find any apps intuitive to use.

K3b: the best of ones that i used, but fails because there is no option to select multiple folders to move to your burning sheet. Normally (on html forms and linux programs such as brasero), users would be able to hit ‘ctrl’ and mouse-click on the folder, and be able to select multiple items (in this case, multiple folders.

I figured I didn’t have my hotkeys right, so I looked for the k3b documentation on their website. None. really should be responsible for putting any help files on its own website ( Really. A user will check there and will be unable to find any user documentation. That’s poor programming, taught in CS, intro to computer programming, 110.

I tried basero, but there’s a few nasty bugs. I can’t save any projects (a list of files and directories to be burned on to a dvd or cd). Brasero also often crashed while adding files to the project before burning the dvd. bug is fixed, but it’s only for the jaunty. in the mean time, you just have to wait until the new version comes out or build the package yourself. harumph.

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