A Year in review at the college radio station, WJMD.

With the exception, of a rant-driven post regarding frustrations with linux, I’ve been away from the past month from here.
After a grueling quarter at school, I needed some time to decompress (playing video games), spend time with family, reflect on my time at K and decide how my last 6 months of college will be.

I sent out an email to the staff preparing us for the winter quarter. I included most of it here (text not included in the email is in italics)(last names redacted for privacy).

Because a few staffers didn’t participate in WJMD fall quarter, (because of a very demanding class schedule, varsity sports, or being away on study abroad), I included a recap of what we accomplished fall quarter:

– Relaunching the radio station in the new Hicks Center Location !
– Hosting our radio shows (special kudos to Nick J. who had over 30
listeners !) (normally, the station only has 0-5 people listening during their people’s shows, and 0 listeners during the automated playlist).
– DJing homecoming (only a few students attended, but thank you to those
who helped out: Todd R., Nick C., and Kevin S.) (A decent fundraiser for ourselves. As a DJ at a dance, you have to follow the audience and their requests, compared to a radio show)
– WJMD T-Shirts are available ! Thanks to Doug C. They are
available for just $10.00 each ! They are tie-dyed.
To buy one, email wjmd at kzoo dot edu or see Will S. or Doug C.

– Our vinyl sale during Homecoming Weekend – *WJMD Radio made over $1,000 !
*Thank you to all of those who helped out, *especially Griffin D. *

(I’m suprised we were able to pull this off with only Griffin and I actually working the sale itself) It definitely helps out to have more people, but attracting more people to participate in the station beyond just doing their shows is a problem that I’m facing as a station manager.

_What are we going to do with all of this money ?! _
– Pay for our webcasting license ($500 fee, covering us for one year,
until Jan. 2010)
– a microphone mount (right now, our microphone sits in a coffee can)
– another microphone

I’ve talked with a few of you how your shows went over the quarter, what
equipment to buy, what ideas you had for the winter quarter, and the
future of the station.
If I didn’t call you, I didn’t have your phone number. If you want to
talk, you can send me an email or email wjmd at kzoo dot edu

Lastly, I’m a senior and new leadership for WJMD Radio needs to emerge
so the station can continue after this school year.
If you’re interested: email me or see me at the
meeting. Running WJMD isn’t just for one person, having multiple people
leading can make the station more popular, have more events, etc.
(I mention at each meeting that we can put on concerts or if the DJs want to have guests, local music artists on the air, I can help them get in contact with the correct people, etc., but station participants usually just limited themselves to the role of DJs: playing music, taking phone calls, and hosting their shows).

*You can always contribute to WJMD ! All amounts of commitment are
welcome. *
Whether it’s writing a couple sentences reviewing a new CD at the
station, contacting record labels to receive CDs from them for the
station and your show, putting on any events on campus, posting flyers,
etc, all of it helps WJMD !

If you’re interested in any of the above (or more) and have any
questions about it, don’t hesitate to contact me by email.


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