Ward 15 – Old Brooklyn to be redistricted !

(this is an extremely rough draft, some initial reactions, notes).

Not a typical morning for me…

I woke up this morning to a different world than before (ok, this is philosophically loaded, in that each moment of time, the world is unique as the total amount of actions that are happening are usually different in some way, in that unique combination for people , but between one day and the next day, the worlds are usually the same for most people, including myself).

With an attention span and consciousness marred by robutussin and cold relief meds while listening to rhythm masters, I’m reading with great surprise that the City Council has planned to redistrict Ward 15.

There’s a variety of links out there with information:



While I support the decrease of council seats (to reflect the shrinking population, and I did vote for it), I hope Cummins would stay in one way or another on Council, even if he’s no longer my councilman.

My first reaction, well, he shows up to meetings.
He has an accessible office.
I’ve seen him at the community events and meetings. Plus, a PCV (peace corps volunteer) earns a point or two in my book, since he’s dealt with community members [wherever he went] that probably have different views (cultural) than him and work with people to get projects done in a community.

I have to look for that list of bookmarks that I had from weblinks whenever I saw Brian did something that I support…

Edit: Here’s a timeline of the Ward 15 Redistricting process in Old Brooklyn.

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