What is the etiquette Facebook Event invitations ?


As I began to look through my facebook friend list, for my last radio station shows, (I don’t have many people to listen, because I do not advertise for it very often), I was self-consciously wondering whether I should invite some them to listen to my show.

I’ve received numerous facebook invites from friends to events that were not even relevant to me: the events were out of state (or out of the country, when I was on study abroad), for college functions and I don’t even go to their college, from facebook friends that I do not have a relationship with them [perhaps I should then remove them from my friend list], or I was not interested at all in the subject matter of the event.

This is a pet peeve of mine, receiving facebook invitations for events that are not relevant for me.

As I wonder and type this, I recognize that there are no universal or common standards or practices of facebook event invitations, such standards and practices are probably cultural-specific.

Should I invite people with whom I have never discussed music at all or whose relationship with me did not have any basis in music ? Should I only invite facebook friends that I know or perceive, that they may listen to hip-hop and trip-hop or are music junkies in general and would be interested in other kinds of music, even if they aren’t fans of the genre ? Should I invite only facebook friends that I’ve kept in contact with in a certain space of time (say the past 3 months) ?

I am not sure if other people are also annoyed by receiving invitations that are not relevant to them but I tend to err on the side of caution (probably to the detriment of having fewer people attend my events).

Although this topic has never been mentioned in any conversation, the etiquette or standard practice at K college is to invite anyone on your friend list that you would want to at the event. This ignores whether or not you know your friend would not be able to attend the event, whether you have kept in contact with them recently, or that you know the person is not interested in the subject matter of the event.
It is also pretty common for event admins to send out reminders to the event earlier in the day of the event or a day or two before it, to remind you to attend the event. I personally find the reminders annoying because they briefly take up my attention span and time to delete (only a few seconds, ok, but it’s a few seconds I would rather have back).

How far in advance should you invite them ? I have not noticed a pattern in that so far.

(I use friend in the context of a ‘friend’ on facebook, which is acknowledged to have different connotations and meanings than what ‘friends’ means in interpersonal communications outside of Facebook).

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  • Jennifer  On November 3, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    I would like to respond – talking about etiquette in responding to events. I plan alot of parties, not club stuff, but things in my home and events where i personally spend money on decorating and baking etc… I think that if you are not interested you should respond “not attending” and then you will not receive reminders. People drive me crazy when they say they will come, and I cook for 20+ people and only 7 arrive. How hard is it to correct your invite status or let me know that you will not be coming? Its rude and puts your host to alot of trouble and can be a big waste of food/money.

    Lets get it together people!

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