Recycling Bins on Schaaf Broadview Removed

Sad to see…
The City of Cleveland (Blue) Recycling Bins have been removed from the Brooklyn Heights United Church Parking lot, located on the corner of Schaaf and Broadview.

A couple paperboard signs taped on the walls of the neighboring building and the paper bins (which still remain and are not organized by the City of Cleveland) and state that illegal dumping of non-recyclables [computers, tires, and other waste] has occurred and is the reason for bins’ removal. The paper bins are still there.

The bins’ removal is a shame. I have dropped off my recyclables there dozens of times and only recall a handful (say, less than 5) where there were non-recyclables dumped there, although I’ve only utilized that place 2 or 3 times in the past 9 months as I away at school. In my experience, the greatest problem at the location was the capacity of the bins that full of legal recyclables.

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  • Jeffrey Sugalski  On September 18, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    I’m disappointed that those bins were gone. Since I’ve lived on the eastern edge of the neighborhood, I took all of my recycling there.

    I thought their removal might have to do with the fact that the parking lot was always left a mess. The bins filled up quickly, so people would just stuff their recyclables on top of or around them.

    I’m taking my stuff to the constellation school between State and Pearl. It’s probably a tad bit farther from me, but there’s always space and the area around the bin is free of debris, glass, etc.

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