How to make a mirror for your bike helmet.

Over the years as I have rode on my bicycle, I had not given much thought to buying a mirror. However, after riding more this Spring (as my primary means of transportation in Kalamazoo) and summer, I realized a mirror would be helpful especially for riding in the city. With some time on my hands, I made a mirror for my bicycle helmet.

It was all free, since I had all of the parts around the house.

Mirror from a compact (makeup)
wire clothes hanger
super glue
small bracket
a couple 5/32 inch screws

Power drill
5/64 drill bit
vice grips.


1. Cut the hanger a bit (12 inches, maybe?).

2. Bend one end of the hanger into a circle, so that it would fit into the compact’s groove. Only make the circle big enough to fit the compact

Click on the image to see a larger version.
). While making this, the hanger would often pop out of the groove in the compact. This took a lot of work and I used vice grips to bend the wire into position.

Put superglue inside the groove of the compact and then insert the circular wire into the grooves. Press down for 10 minutes or so. I added more super glue whenever I found it necessary.
(I would love to hear if you know of a better adhesive that is less abrasive than super glue.)

4. Made pilot holes in the visor of my helmet and then screwed in the bracket.
(Bracket placement will differ based on your helmet and height).

5. Inserted the other end of the hanger through bracket and into the helmet.
Click on photo for larger version.

Voila. Unfortunately, the mirror broke two days later as a box of tools fell on it.

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