Another example of the IFPI hurting itself.

Growing up in the early 2000s, I found it fascinating to see the new ways to access music. Although I’m a bit more jaded now about the music industry now, I wanted to give a response when I first read this.

I was saddened to see one of my favorite music blogs [created and run by a fellow Clevelander!], IrockCleveland, was shutdown (article by the Guardian) by google, the blog’s host, in response to numerous emails received by google that his blog violated the DMCA for posting links to download copyrighted music.

Bill Lipold, author of Irockcleveland, argues that he had received authorization from the record labels or their publicists [who are usually, not always, contracted out by the record label] to post links to download the music.

This represents a failure for the IFPI to adapt to the reality that their own members are authorizing the distribution of the music online. The IFPI and the record labels need to communicate better and who has permission and who does not, and only give DMCA violation notices to those unauthorized blogs. To legally prosecute people advertising your product [the music and music artist in this case] is foolish. This action by the IFPI is another example how some organizations in the music industry have not changed their actions in these times.

Good luck to Bill at Irockcleveland and other affected blogs to get this situation resolved.

Update: Irockcleveland is now available at

PS – I am so focused right now from Coffee. Thanks Steve’s.

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