Songbird dropped official Linux support

I recently read that a couple weeks ago, songbird, an open-source music player [based on the mozilla source code] was dropping its support for linux.

As a loyal linux user since v.0.0.6 [over 3 years ago ! wow, how does time fly!] and an extension writer, I was bummed out.

I thought Songbird [and its engineers and coders]’s initial mistake [and although they have not come out and said a statement on this, support for video playback is not the only cause of dropping official linux support] was when they had decided to shift their resources for video playback a while back. At the time, the decision was quite immature since there were still a lot of bugs to be fixed for the cores of their program, playing audio and audio library managements. They needed to focus and refine their audio playback and audio library management before focusing on video. Alas, once they started devote more time and resources to video-related issues, their support of Linux suffered; as noted in the switch of Linux from a Tier One support in the Kanye [1.4.0beta release] [october 2009]to a lower Tier Two in the December 2009 release.

One plus is that some in the songbird community – those not paid by POTI [Pioneers of the Inevitable], the administrators of the songbird software – are maintaining support for their own version of songbird, nightingale.

This will give me the opportunity to try out amarok, Banshee, Rhythmbox, and gmusicbrowser again.

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