Cleveland’s New Trash Rules

Ultimately, is this a smart move for the city ?
Yes, they are finally bringing back curbside recycling (after axing it in 2004 due to budget cuts).

The commentary on the article from is depressing and very pessimistic, highlighting commenters’ distrust of the city government to effectively manage this operation and distrust of RFID technology.

However, RFID is not mentioned in the legislation, posted in The City Record, the city council’s record of events), specifically the August 25, 2010 edition, [PDF] [begins on pg. 1377, which is also pg. 84 of the PDF] . The legislation also does not mention whether RFID will be implemented in the future. The legislation passed unanimously by City Council on August 20.

The council also passed legislation on the limits on the amount of trash you can dispose each week, based on volume. I’m an advocate for this model but it should be based on weight since Cleveland is charged by the landfills by the weight of the trash and not the volume.
On the whole, it is a step in the right direction.

See also this article for an another prospective on how RFID would change the way people take out their trash.

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