Progress Indicator for the Cleveland Neighborhood Map

First off, a group Naplab, in Indy have made a great neighborhood map. Aaron Renn of the Urbanophile has an interview with the creators here. I hope to talk to them soon to kick around a few ideas with the Cleveland Neighborhood map and discuss our projects.

The Cleveland Neighborhood map has a background layer of roads, rivers, streams, and railways from Openstreetmap (OSM). However, this background layer of data from OSM was mostly based from the 2007 US Census Data. As I worked on the Cleveland neighborhood map, I noticed quite a few instances where the data (the roads no longer existed, were incorrectly named, or new roads have since been created, and didn’t mark any streets as one ways) was wrong.
Through the past few months, I have traveled around the city to verify the data in Openstreetmap and made many corrections. (This is also quite addictive too!)

July 18, 2011 edit: see the code map for more information

The green roads have been verified or corrected (as of June 16th)
red have not been verified. Also thanks to someonecallAlejandro (CWRU campus), badandy23 and anyone else in the OSM community who had contributed.

I plan on rolling out an updated version of the Cleveland Neighborhood Map in the next week or so, hopefully adding Glenville and Shaker Square.

(For me, back to rebuilding my sister’s garage!)

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