The Paris Art Theater Demolished

Another day, another building demolished in Cleveland.

This time it was the Paris Art Theatre, 3151 West 25th Street,
Cleveland, OH 44109.
I noticed it demo’d on Monday, Nov. 7th.
You can find more information on the property by entering the Parcel #: 008-10-010 in Cuyahoga County’s property database.

(Credits to otterphoto for some pictures here and Cinematreasures has some notes on it as well. Originally named the Southern Theatre, it turned to a porn theater in the late 60s or 70s, showing classics like Deep Throat .

I haven’t seen the building operable in the past 10 years. It’s a shame. Granted, I have no idea what should be done with the building.
$14,000 in property taxes owed. The owner of the building since 2000: the Clark Metro Development Corporation. I haven’t heard much about them since I moved back to Cleveland in 2009 and as I understand, is dissolved. Regardless, they should be responsible for the cost of demolishing the Paris Art Theatre. Was the building salvageable ? Why did Clark Metro sit on it for so long [since 2000] ? If they’re dissolved, why didn’t Tremont West or Detroit Shoreway, the 2 CDCs who have been active in the neighborhood recently take ownership ?

There’s more commentary on this at realneo

Also, just a few buildings down is the Aragon Ballroom, a boarded-up Concert Hall, also currently shuttered and I was preparing a blog post months ago on this building and remember reading that Live had a concert there in ’92 but I can’t find the link right now.

As often is the case, I’m left with more questions than answers about the demolition and there’s more to the story…

…All the pieces matter. – Freemon.

(note: All links are ‘safe for work’ and do not display any pornography).

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