Cleveland Planning Commission Notes – Dec. 2, 2011

Quote of the meeting: that what it ends up being…being there at the right time.. – Special K, Norm Krumholz

Attendence: Krumholz, Pickney, Bowen (late), Cleveland (10:15) and Bob Brown (not-voting)

One of the more noteworthy things was who was missing, rather than who was actually there. There’s 7 Commissioners, each have full-time jobs but are paid for being on the Cleveland City Planning Commission. After attending about 10-12 of these over the past year, each of the commissioner’s attendance has not been perfect but Friday was inexcusable.

In order to take a vote on any amendment or approval, 4 need to be present. At 9:00 AM, the scheduled time for the meeting to begin: Only 2 were there [Krumholz and Pickney]. Ouch. After waiting for 15-20 minutes for Commissioner Bowen to arrive, the meeting started and postponed any votes until the lucky 4th person (Phyllis Cleveland, who arrived at 10:15).

And the Notable Happenings:

The East 22nd Project [PeeDee Link] – Re-doing the streetscape for E. 22nd (from Orange Ave to Euclid Ave), is tersely, good. It’s currently dead of any Pedestrian traffic or of anything else besides St. Vincent Hospital.
– Plants in the median, removing one lane of traffic on each side (it’s 3 lanes each way, south of Cedar), plus adding a bike lane.

At Orange Ave, this bike lane would actually connect with a bike trail connecting from Slavic Village towards downtown [I don’t know any more details about this Slavic Village bike trail , I’ll edit later if I find any].

Cost: $4 million, roughly; 615k will be from ODOT (since ODOT designated E. 22 as a detour for the innerbelt construction, ODOT is paying for a ‘Mill and Fill’ of E.22; regardless if this project is implemented).

– A few spruce-ups on Professor Ave in Tremont. This authorized the city to hire consultants, contractors for the Power lines to be buried, and a couple other things that I missed (or were maybe not even mentioned).
no idea when the actual work will be done.

– Ditto for Larchmere Blvd (From MLK Jr. to N. Moreland).

– Miceli’s is expanding their operations at their headquarters. Sounded like a very small expansion, but required them to take over E. 90th place and Evarts Ave.
The . The proposed changes would change from a B to a D, still acceptable, the archetects duly noted.

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