Some updates

Some assorted thoughts, happenings of the past couple weeks/months:

(Originally written on April 26, 2013 – forgot why this never posted..)

…..I’m stoked to announce that I’ll be joining HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) in Cap Haiten, from May-June. I’ll be with some immensely talented and great folks. We’ll be doing great work down there and working with local Haitian mappers. …..Alas, I’ll miss FOSS4G-NA, SOTM-US, mais, c’est la vie.

Coming to the realization that there’s simply so much learn and with increasing specialization, I should focus my learning efforts more on web mapping instead of print mapping.

note to self, I’ll be updating the site. Finally get a domain name name and strongly considering to move the site to jekyll.


Also, looking over the popular apps on the droid market and seeing most of the apps on the top lists on the market were games, made me reflect: what has the droid really enabled us to do ?

What made me think is that there aren’t many “killer apps” but rather, general hardware improvements like:

– being able to check your email, communicate online, 24/7 thanks to mobile data plans and increased presence of wifi in public spaces.

– Gps

– a more improved camera that allows higher resolution, image stabilization, etc.

The lack of killer apps is also an indication that software being less app based and more web-based with Software as services and social networks that are OS independent like Dropbox, twitter, facebook.

Now, granted there’s a few things that are close to ‘killer apps’ for me.

– finding local reviews for restaurants when you’re out of town… (yelp) and soundhound and shazam. Thinking of the capability of a software on your phone that could identify a song by just playing a 10 second clip of it was a pipe dream just 10 years ago…


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