Cleveland Neighborhood Map

as a 10968×8466 (PNG 10.9mb) (Original Size)(best to view if you would like to see individual streets)(recommended view)
as a 10968×8466 XCF (XCF is a file format of the Gimp), Right-click > ‘Save-As’ as a PNG file. Remove the PNG file extension at the end of the file name before opening in the gimp)

Any corrections or comments are welcome.

Update, Summer 2012:
Developments, updates to The Cleveland Neighborhood Map are on hiatus.
As my first map and the catalyst for my passion in maps and geospatial, Cleveland’s neighborhood boundaries still interest me but I’m devoting my time to other projects.

Updates in Version 5.14 (released December 20, 2011)
– Added University Circle, Glenville, Buckeye, Union-Miles Neighborhoods
– Renamed Larchmere to Shaker Square thanks to mytwosense at urbanohio
(Larchmere will be re-added as a sub-neighborhood)
– the neighborhood names are semi-translucent, to allow you to see the streets and other features underneath the neighborhood names.
– OSM Data [Streets, railroads, and other features] current as of Dec. 5, 2011

– There are several neighborhoods [Central] that I have not yet added on there.
– Convert the scale from metric to imperial.
– Add subneighborhoods (South Hills in Old Brooklyn; Gordon Square in Detroit Shoreway; Kamm’s Corners in West Park, Larchmere)
– Possible

  • Sources for neighborhood boundaries (besides myself)
  • Slavic Village Development [PDF]
    Cudell CDC
    Downtown Cleveland Alliance (via
    Cleveland’s Neighborhoood Link
    Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation
    various users at Urbanohio
    residents, business owners, and stakeholders of Cleveland that I’ve informally talked to.

    All map data [streets, railroads, freeways, etc] except for the neighborhood boundaries are from © OpenStreetMap contributors
    This map is under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA License [2.0].

  • Other thanks:
  • – Members of the Openstreetmap’s IRC Channel (especially petschnge) for rendering advice
    – Urbanohio forum participants
    Jeff Schuler
    – Map colors and their advice from, by Cynthia A. Brewer, Penn State.
    – Resolution, Printing Advice from Evan Anderson []

    Fonts used: Liberation Sans Bold (for the neighborhood names) and Verdana for the name and details box.

    Other neighborhood Maps:

    Why create it ?
    Moving back to Cleveland in 2009 after being away for 4 years, I heard about other neighborhoods in Cleveland (like Larchmere and Central) in the news or in conversation and wondered: where are they exactly ?!

    I wanted to hang a map of Cleveland on one of my bedroom’s walls and couldn’t find one that would suit my needs with demarcated neighborhoods, a selection of colors that I liked, in a larger size that would be suitable for printing and displaying; something similar to this map [Large PDF] from New York City’s Planning Commission. With some time on hand, I’m creating one.

    Google maps has some neighborhoods listed on its maps they don’t show the neighborhood or city boundaries; plus their fonts are slightly tiny. Other web-map services like Yahoo and Bing import their neighborhood boundaries from the city of Cleveland’s SPA (statistical Planning Areas) which, frankly, are outdated.

    Nonetheless, Neighborhood boundaries are fluid, subjective and they change over time. I hope for the Cleveland Neighborhood Map to be a springboard for people to learn about their city, its neighborhoods, spark discussion of neighborhoods in Cleveland.

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