search allmusic in songbird

Early 2011: I am no longer actively maintaining since Songbird stopped active development for the Linux binary and no longer use songbird for music listening. :(

Here it is, I’m a bit proud of this, it’s the first piece of code that I’ve written, finished, and more than 1,000 people have used.

It’s an add-on/extension (the naming is inconsistent on songbird) for songbird. (which is a free, open-source music player).

Purpose: Adds’s artist page to the search box on songbird. I really missed it on songbird, since it existed already on firefox.

based on the source from:
mycroft project at mozilla , GeekShadow , and ashughes

Find out more information officially at:

v. 1.0.0
(never released publicly)

v. 1.0.1
first public release.

updated compatibility to 1.5.0a
Rewrote the main.js to an updated example

– add an icon
– maybe rename the extension

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