Map Portfolio

Maps in print and on the screen to help make sense of the space around you.

Coming from an outside background, my maps seek to combine approaches from the established domain of cartography uses physical printing and the new school of users and design that primarily use maps on an electronic screen with multiple zoom levels.

For geospatial data storage, I prefer postGIS and geoJSON.

For my interactive maps, I use Tilemill, leaflet, and mapbox.js. Print, I like the GIMP and Inkscape. I’m an open source fan.

Here’s a few of my projects. I am available for freelance, on retainer, or to join a map team. Contact me (willskora at gmail dot com) if you’re interested.

Check out my github page for the code.

Assistant on the HOT CartoCSS and HDM-JOSM renderings, 2013

Cleveland Ward Boundaries – April 2013

Cleveland Photography Society 2012 Scavenger Hunt – February 2013

Downtown Cleveland Parking Map – March 2012

The Cleveland Neighborhood Map – 2011

Refugee Resettlements of Northeast Ohio 2008-2011, Refugees Resettled in Cuyahoga County By Community,2008-2015 (cumulative, est.) For Building Hope In The City. (May 2012)
(Created to be printed in monochrome or color, on paper).

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