Random Ideas.

I have random ideas, predictions. They may be crackpot. If they’re already implemented, then cool. If you know of any, great.

added: feb.8.2008- A contact camera. This for the issue of convenience and intelligence gathering, will or already be developed. You don’t have a camera and want to take an instant picture of what you’re seeing. Maybe you cannot have your large camera out in the open. What this is, is a contact lens placed on the retina, like any other contact lens. Embedded in this lens is a single-use transparent image (or multiple use, eventually), (I’m forgetting practically all scientific knowledge, esp. chemistry, that would be involved even in explaining this more, so I’m using some words very loosely). This image would be activated to ‘develop’ or ‘record’ what it sees, by the darkness of keeping your eye shut for a few (5-10) seconds. Once you open your eye again, the image is recorded (at a very quick shutter speed).

Take out the lens, place it in a solution, and that illuminates, or further ‘develops’, the image that you had taken (looking at it from the human eye, it would look like a tiny impression, of the image on the contact lens. The lens could then be read by a computer by scanning this contact lens. This could be expanded to film, but I don’t even a conceptual idea of how the film would be stored on the lens.

– Making access to the local recreation center easier. Attaining schedule of activities/open gyms. Sure, not everyone is online, but at least, put the schedules online through the City of Cleveland website. There’s a couple times that I would like to go to play some hoops or table tennis (though I doubt the city would have a table).

– A Google Maps Mashup of foreclosed homes and abandoned/boarded houses in the city of Cleveland. At the least, it could be used by cleveland’s building and housing dept. and other non-profits to identify trouble spots and set priorities of what houses to do. To manage a ticket list of houses to do, like a CVS system.

The future of music broadcasting.

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