Software Suggestions & Ideas

Here’s some software ideas to throw out here, spark discussion, more ideas, comments:
One day, some of these idea may be implemented into software or maybe modified into existing programs by some people.
For the suggestions regarding Apple software, these ideas came to me while using Tiger, so maybe they’re in Leopard !

For Apple Stickies:
– make the background for stickies available for all colors (on Tiger, you chose one of 7 predefined colors), or even have a pic behind there.
-allow the option to ‘scroll’ in a very long list that it’s in the stickies
– in the stickies, offer a font subset that would ‘strike out’/’cross out’ the item; for those who use it as a to do list, signifies its completion [the strike-out of item, rather than just erasing it]
– Over time, this striked-out item would ‘fade over time’ (After viewing the list X times, editing the list X times, or X days; the crossed-out item would disappear from view).

General Apple:
– when you right-click on an item in the applications, offer the option, ‘add to dock’

– On the timeline, display when the user first became friends with their friend (and maybe who initiated the friend request as well).

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