Study Abroad in Dakar, Senegal

Here’s my section on studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal from Sept 2007 – March 2008. 6 months and one day.

I haven’t gotten out the posts onto this page, so for now, check

If you don’t know much about Senegal, (like ‘are there lions, tigers, and bears ? oh my !!), I urge you to check The BBC’s country profile

Other tidbits that will help you understand my writings a bit:

1 US Dollar = 500 CFA 450 CFA

Mermoz is the name of the neighborhood that I’m staying in, with the homestay family.

Wolof is the indigenous language here, spoken by 70 % of the people. nearly everyone in the capital of Dakar, where I’m staying speaks it. People also speak the other official language French. A small percentage (maybe 15) speak English, especially people my age, who learned it in school (don’t rely on it though!).

Baobab Center (BBC) = Place that coordinated my study abroad trip with my US college. There, I take Wolof, history of islam, and my seminar classes at; had cultural orientations there, also coordinated my abroad trip with the college. Cool people there.

My packing list 

Senegal uses a different voltages system than the USA. It hasn’t been a hassle for me or any of my classmates here – most of your electronics should be able to handle the different voltage amounts (in USA its 110V; Senegal it’s 220 V. the battery pack on your computer/electronic should list the input amount). To use the voltage system and different plugs here, you need to buy a ‘fiche’ – a plug adapter. I just bought my fiche shortly after I arrived at a local quincerille (its like a hardware store) for less than 500 cfa.

Just remember while reading this, that my experiences and opinions isn’t everything or give a complete picture of Africa, or even all of Senegal, or all of Dakar. It’s like trying to come up with one movie that represents all of American culture.

And if you want to link to this on your site, go ahead, just send me an email and let me know first.

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