Ward 15 Redistricting – Timeline

(Last updated 5/5/09 –
Wow, it’s been a month later, and I haven’t followed up with this as much I would have liked. I’ll continue to follow any developments and find out when these new boundaries are going into effect.

I’m writing this as a personal exercise, but also because a clear timeline of events involving Old Brooklyn, the City of Cleveland, or NEO, often do not exist. While I was on study abroad and away from neighborhood in Michigan, I found it difficult to ‘catch up’ of the events going on in the neighborhood. Based on a few conversations with current or former residents [friends and neighbors], people, including myself, found themselves a bit unclear, or wondered, what were the background developments that led to these events. Stories in the Plain Dealer sometimes don’t give the background of these events and situations. By giving this timeline, I hope to help others and myself understand the background and context of the current situation, leading to a greater understanding of the issues that face us today, and all of which are often missing in local news, journalism, and public discourse today.

Granted, what is below is not the entire list of all of the people, events, that influenced the decisions at hand. What I do wish to include here is a list of people, events, ideas, and communications, that directly were born from the Ward 15 redistricting process.

Feel free to comment or add links to others’ analyses, charts, links, etc.


July 2, 2008 – Cummins proposes 3 different plans to reduce number of seats on City Council by Six.

Brian Cummins’ Proposals for City Council Size Reduction (PDF file format)
(courtesy of Bill Callahan)

November 2008 –
Voters approve measure to reduce number of seats on Cleveland City Council by two, to a total of 19.

March 4th – Public Meeting at Applewood center with some City Councilmen: Cummins, Santiago, Matt Zone, Kevin Kelly, and Anthony Brancatelli discuss the possibility of a reduction in City Council Size

(I’ve found no mention whether the proposed ward boundaries were explicitedly announced at this meeting). According to Anthony Fossaceca , the discussion only focused on the probability that one unspecificed west-side ward would be eliminated. I don’t know whether it is just coincidence that the next day, March 5th, Brian Cummins was told the proposed boundaries.

March 6th – Brian Cummins’ initial reaction after being told the day before that his lose his seat on city council due to redistricting.

March 6th – Henry Gomez’s reaction to the redistricting

March 7th – Bill Callahan’s Reaction

March 9th – Henry Gomez’s report


March 10th – Plain Dealer Opinion Editorial (OP-ED) (Is this in the Print Edition of the Plain Dealer ?) calls Martin Sweeney to publicly release the proposed ward boundaries.

March 12th – Sweeney announces that he will not schedule a vote (one of his powers as City Council President) for the City Council on the proposed ward redistricting. No rescheduling date has been publicly announced.

March 13th –
Plans announced for a protest at the steps of Cleveland City Hall, on Monday, March 16th to protest the proposed ward redistricting.

(I just found out the oldbrooklyn blog, great to see a few new bloggers from the Old Brooklyn neighborhood, I’ve been alone (and/or unaware of others, besides the Ferris’es from Brooklyn Centre) for a while now..).

March 16th – Protesters from ward 15 gathered at city hall to express their disapproval of the pending ward redistricting.

Henry Gomez’s Initial report of the Protest
March 17th –
Henry Gomez’s 2nd report of the March 16th Protest. He and others at the protest remarked a similarity in atmosphere of the protest with several scenes in the movie ‘Milk.’

March 19th –
Cleveland City Council official releases the Proposed Ward Boundaries.
Official Press release by the Cleveland City Council
Initial analysis by Henry Gomez. A second update by Henry Gomez.

March 20 – Brian Cummins requests a delay in the City Council vote for the Proposed boundaries.

On the morning of March 20, the Triad Consultants meets with City Council in a public meeting to discuss the proposed boundaries.
Henry Gomez’s analysis.
Analysis of Paul Schroeder of Ohio Daily Blog – Paul noted several Old Brooklyn activists who criticised the proposals at the meeting.

March 24th –
(Plain Dealer, Metro, B3)

April 1st – proposed deadline for the final recommendations for redistricting from Triad consultants. Deadline for city council to pass plans for ward redistricting. If they do not pass anything, this power goes to Mayor Frank Jackson.

A list of who’s who, to Catch up with the names.

Bill Callahan – local blogger.

Brian Cummins – Ward 15 Councilman, Old Brooklyn

Henry Gomez – Plain Dealer’s and cleveland.com (operated by Plain Dealer)’s City Hall reporter
Martin Sweeney – president of Cleveland City Council

Triad Research – the Consultants who created the proposed ward boundaries for the city.


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